Do you know what the Belltown soundtrack sounds like?

Posted on May 21, 2012

It sounds like jazz pouring out of a vinyl record older than some Belltown patrons. It sounds like two people talking about how they acquired their collection. It sounds like a neighborhood coming together to form a collective DJ.

I’m talking about vinyl night on Tuesdays at Rob Roy.

If you didn’t already know, the good people at the 2nd and Battery bar invite patrons to bring their records and enjoy a drink with new and old friends. I’ve been going for the last 3 or 4 weeks in a row and it is so much fun. The experience of putting your musical tastes out there for a group of strangers and contributing to the ambiance for the evening is engaging to say the least.

Two volunteer DJs trade off alternating weeks and cultivate a soundscape based on their mood and what patrons bring in. This week will focus more on classic rock and alternative music. The alternating weeks tend to lean more toward soul, blues, and jazz. I happen to love both, so I make sure I bring relevant heat either week.

For those that need a reminder or for those that have not been, Rob Roy has been around for a while and it feels like one of the classier places I frequent in Belltown. They commit to the vibe of a classic cocktail joint and you honestly feel cooler just for being there–at least I do anyway.

My current favorite drink there is the Mississippi Collins (Lemon juice, bourbon, some other stuff). Be sure to ask for an off-the-menu Cuba Libre if you want to discover what the Rum and Cokes you drank in college should have tasted like.

Whether I described the whole thing eloquently or not, I really hope you give this experience a try. If you don’t have records, I recommend you hit up a thrift store or Easy Street on Queen Anne and jump in. Otherwise, you can introduce yourself and mooch off my collection.

I’ll be there tomorrow night at around 9:30. Tweet me @TheDahv if you’d like to join in!