Broadstripe sends Internet access refunds

Posted on June 26, 2011

Many Belltown buildings have Broadstripe for cable Internet access (the phrase “high speed” rarely applies), and those of us with automatic payment just receive an account statement each month. The monthly Broadstripe envelope is easy to ignore.

However, this month there’s a reason to open that envelope: Broadstripe issued a refund for Internet access tax which was incorrectly collected (and remitted to the City of Seattle) after the tax was discontinued. The envelope looks identical to the regular statement.

More from Seattle Office of Cable Communications meeting minutes:

Broadstripe Internet Tax: Broadstripe has submitted a refund request about $400k in Internet taxes they collected in violation of federal law and remitted to the City. We are working with Broadstripe to return the money to affected subscribers. If not all the proceeds can be returned to subscribers the Cable Office and Broadstripe will negotiate some other considerations for residents of the Broadstripe franchise area. If so, we would like assistance from CTTAB in determining what those should be. If Broadstripe reneges on its commitment to return the tax to subscribers the Cable Office will assess liquidated damages and initiate other enforcement action. 

6 great sandwiches in Belltown

Posted on May 29, 2011

Here’s a few well-executed sandwiches in or near our ‘hood. Using the most liberal possible definition of “sandwich” and in no particular order:

1. El Cubano, Cyclops

Sweet meets savory: “Roasted pulled pork, sliced pit ham, Jarlsberg cheese, thin sliced pickle, dijon mustard and poblano aioli on a grilled ciabatta.” Early-afternoon weekend brunch material here.

2. East Coast or Chicken Chipotle, Mike’s East Coast Sandwiches

Fresh off the panini grill at Cafe Two at Antioch College (with Stumptown drip coffee), Forza Coffee at Fisher Plaza, and Motore Coffee (9th & Lenora).

3. New Town Special, New Town Market

I recommend smoked turkey instead of peppermill turkey. The same Boar’s Head menu is available at Westlake Specialty Market (7th & Westlake).

4. Your custom deli sandwich, ordered online, Specialty’s Cafe

Use their sandwich configurator to build a custom sandwich, then order and pay online for pick up in 15 minutes (yes, this actually works!). It’s like they timed a leisurely walk from Belltown to 5th and Union. My pick: the Taguchi Goat Club.

5. Spicy Moroccan Pita, Zeitoon Cafe

“Dolme, hummus, tabouli, lettuce, cucumber, garlic sauce, house sauce, hot sauce and tzatziky.” Pro tip: ask for light or no house sauce, and cut it in half before eating or you’ll wear some leftovers home.

6. The Gaucho Dip or 410 Burger, El Gaucho Bar

The menu does its job: “Sliced Certified angus Beef prime top sirloin, toasted baguette, chimichurri aioli, english Coastal Cheddar, house au jus, taro chips.” For 50% off, pair with a glass of wine and a friend (or an iPad) during “The Gaucho 120″ (minutes of happy hour).