Help Clean up Belltown on Saturday

Posted on June 1, 2012

From InsideBelltown

Tired of seeing trash and graffiti around Downtown Seattle and Belltown?

If so, head to Belltown’s Mars Hill Church located at 2333 Western Avenue at the intersection of Western Avenue and Battery Street in Belltown on Saturday morning at 10am for Mars Hill Downtown’s5th Annual Green and Clean event.

Volunteers will get the chance to clean up our neighborhood with other people who care about keeping the streets clean.

Mars Hill has partnered with the City of SeattleSeattle Paint Out,Belltown Business AssociationStarbucks, and the Belltown Chamber of Commerce for this event.

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Have you been to Pintxo yet?

One of our favorite local bloggers, TossedSaladandScrambledEggs (that’s long) took a visit. She must be a bit of an awkward date at the dinner table, what with taking pictures of everything that comes her way. But, it’s a valuable documentary of all the delicious and beautiful treats that Pintxo is well known for serving up.

Their back patio is a personal favorite intimate spot that my wife and I life to kick off a date night at.

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Law Enforcements Diversion Program Coming to Belltown

From SeattleTimes – By Sara Jean Green

The Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion program is a local experiment aimed at breaking the cycle of arrest and incarceration for low-level drug dealers, addicts and prostitutes. Completely funded by private foundations, the $950,000-a-year, four-year pilot program offers hand-picked participants individualized alternatives to arrest, from inpatient drug treatment and educational opportunities to housing assistance and microloans for would-be business owners.

Seven men were arrested for street-level drug crimes last month during a two-day buy-bust operation by Seattle police in Belltown.

Two of them caught a huge break.

Instead of being locked up, they were offered the first spots in a new program borne out of collective fatigue with the criminal-justice system’s approach to managing the low-level drug dealers, addicts and prostitutes who revolve through King County’s jails and courthouses.

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People are actually using the Belltown Forums…

Were you wondering what was up with the loud train horns blaring through Belltown last week? You weren’t the only one. Some concerned neighbors began a discussion on our forums last week to get to the bottom of the issue.

On 9/16/11, there was a minor train related incident in Belltown.

Since then, every single train that crosses Belltown now honks long and loud at every hour, even in the middle of the night. Does anyone know who we can contact to complain? The residents on Elliott have it worst. If you live in Belltown, you have heard the train honks. The noise pollution is bad enough to affect real estate prices in this area.

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Belltown Picture of the Day

Technically on the edge of belltown. Thanks to Damian Rose for securing our borders and taking a seemingly endless supply of awesome photographs.

Unfortunately, not all beautiful days continue a pleasant trajectory;

I woke up to a beautiful sunrise and now my day is going steadily downhill. On the way from the bus stop a crazy naked crackhead woman spit on me when I wouldn’t give her money. Then I got delayed watching her fight the cops. Now I’m waiting for my dentist appointment. There’s no amount of coffee that’s gonna make this day better.”


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