March 17, 2011

You’re Welcome Here…

Posted on March 17, 2011

Do you think this site sucks? You could help change that! BelltownPeople is a community site. That means it’s like a bulliten board – you know, like the ones in college that tried to steal your identity by offering cruise ship jobs and credit cards with 24% interest. Except, there’s no ads. I decided to pull them all because we’re classy and want to give off the impression that this site is independently wealthy; as if it smelled of rich mahogany and leather.  The ads at the bottom are for the software provider that hosts this thing… we don’t make a dime and can’t figure out a way to take them off anyhow.

Here’s the thing. Belltown is a diverse neighborhood. There’s a lot of perspectives that we’re missing out on. I totally admit that. If you’re interested in adding your view point to the discussion, then sign up and start posting.Otherwise, when people want to know about belltown – they’ll think it’s full of snarky old white guys who have a single focus on meeting people at monthly happy hours. Kind of creepy right?

We’ll receive an email the second you post and will promote it to the front page if it meets our extremely high editorial standards (is not a Nigerian scam)

We’re wildly open to new ideas. If you’re an artist that lives in Belltown, why not use this site to show off “what you’re workin’ with”. If you’re a business, we’re all about supporting you and helping you succeed. Tell us what’s going on. If you’re a concerned citizen – so are we! Lets keep talking about what we love, what we’d change, and how we’re all going to work together to make this place a better neighborhood.

My wife and I have decided to stick around. We’re here to stay. We’re going to raise an actual human baby in Belltown. How’s that for an experiment? All of the sudden, we’re starting to take notice of all families in the neighborhood who’ve already jumped in. But there’s more than that; families, young professionals, gays, straights, blacks & whites, yuppies, punks, homeless, filthy rich, entreprenuers, manufacturers, criminals, clubbers, pastors and heathens! Such a wide spectrum. Everyone’s invited. It should be quite a party.

Lets start showing it off. You’re all welcome here.

Seattle Women’s Leadership Summit 2011

Posted on March 17, 2011

Are you a professional woman living/working in Seattle? Would you like to network with other like-minded women while also gaining additional skills to manage your work and life?

You’re in luck! The Women’s Leadership Summit is happening on Saturday, April 2nd, 2011 in Belltown! They will be utilizing the Mars Hill Downtown meeting space, 2333 Western Ave.  I’m looking forward to it and hope to see you there! There are two days left on the early bird price for registration, and this week you will get a free DISC/PIAV assessment ($155 value) upon registration! Click here for More Information.

“The 2011 Seattle Women’s Leadership Summit has the overall objective to teach women to lead confidently with purpose and wisdom. Last year’s event was a huge success and this year we have all new content and speakers ready to deliver tools you can use on Monday morning!

What we desire you to get from this year’s Summit:

  • Emotional balance
  • Stress management
  • People management
  • Team management
  • Professional relationship management
  • Networking with Seattle-area businesswomen

What you will learn how to achieve:

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-regulation
  • Empathy
  • Social skills
  • Motivation

You will come away with tools to:

  • Lead with confidence
  • Manage stressful situations
  • Strengthen key relationships”

Join the Women’s Leadership Summit Facebook Group Here 

Neighbor Notes

Posted on March 17, 2011

I’ve been getting together with a few neighbors on Saturday mornings, 8:15 am outside Street Bean (3rd & Cedar) to go for a walk and a chat and come back for coffee after they open at 9. Anyone is welcome to join – especially dog owners- Street Bean is a dog-friendly coffee shop.  I’ve been sending the group roundups of the topics that come up for discussion, here’s what came up last Saturday:

Judy from Bellora joined us this week and we did a stroll through the Pea Patch where she has a plot. The pea patch has a resident bee population and a bee keeper, though there were not clearly bees in the hives at the moment. Judy thought they might have suffered a bee blight and be getting replaced this year. The Pea Patch has a website here:

We talked about the upcoming Belltown Community Council meeting which was last night, sounds like it was a good one!

Judy is also a fan of the ACT Theatre and encouraged us to check out their intriguing new business model – the ACT Pass.  As far as I know it’s the first program of its kind in the nation.  It’s an all-you-can-see monthly membership model instead of a traditional ticket subscription.

The Belltown Business Association has put together a directory with a map of Belltown.    I printed it on regular paper and the print comes out fairly tiny but legible if I squint.

If you’re game for a weekday walk, Deborah endorses the BCOP community walks, on Thursdays this month leaving Seattle Heights at 7.  Someone from the police department or city also joins and they talk about how to be a good watchful neighbor, as well as meeting neighbors and business owners too.

Belltown Citizens on Patrol

  • Thursday, March 3rd  7pm
  • Thursday, March 10th  7pm
  • Thursday, March 17th  7pm
  • Sunday, March 20th  3pm  (Litter Pick-Up)
  • Thursday, March 24th  7pm
  • Thursday, March 31st  7pm

You can connect via their facebook page:

Churches are making their impression on Belltown – The Methodist First Church that’s right across Denny in the Seattle Center does a community breakfast every second and fourth Sunday

Mars Hill Church does a service & community outreach every Saturday night.  Go Mars Hill!  I imagine having the bar scene regularly seeded with evangelical missionaries will contribute to a calm down

your neighbor,


Saint Patrick’s Day in Belltown? The 5 Point Owns It.

Posted on March 17, 2011

The 5Point has a head start by beginning their St Patrick’s day celebrations a little earlier than most. They kicked it off at 6AM. “Hmmm, I’ll have a double Americano Guiness please”?

Guinness Pints $4.50;;

Black & Tan $4.50 ~ Guinness layered over Old Seattle Lager or a pale of your choice;;

Snakebite $4.50 ~ Guinness layered over Woodchuck Apple Cider

Irish Car Bomb $7.00 ~ Jameson & Bailey’s shot dropped in Guinness

Green Beer if you really need it $3.00 ~ Looks great on your teeth.

Whoopass Shots:

Caramel Apple ~ Cofia & Grapple $6.00

Apple Bomb! ~ Soft Tail Vodka dropped in Grapple $6.50


Corned Beef and Cabbage

Delicious tender corned beef brisket slow cooked using our house Guinness recipe and pickling spices. Served with Braised cabbage and new potatoes. $10.50


Corned beef sliders $2 each

Bangers with grilled onion $3 each