January 11, 2011

Belltown Homicide News Links

We leave the real reporting to people with degrees in journalism. Sad story.

Seattle Times - Police investigate death of woman in Belltown apartment.

Seattle police spokeswoman Renee Witt confirmed that a 43-year-old woman, who had been reported missing by a family member, was found dead inside her Belltown apartment on Thursday. The King County Medical Examiner’s Office has not yet released Thornton’s name or cause of death.

Witt said death investigators on Monday notified police that the woman’s death had been ruled a homicide.

Anyone with information about Thornton’s death is asked to call the department’s homicide unit at 206-684-5550 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              206-684-5550      end_of_the_skype_highlighting.

Belltown Beer && Code Meet-up Tomorrow

1/12/11 Belltown Pub @7PM

Some neighborhood folks are talking about forming a low-commitment social event focused around programming and coding. It’s not language or domain specific. It’s not about money or startups. It’s just people that like to code and wish they could spend more time meeting people who also enjoy socializing and talking about code. We also intend to get some work done, or just branch off and enjoy a beer if that’s what ends up happening.

The original post is here:

The idea comes from here:

PROPOSED LOCATION AND TIME: Belltown Pub near 1st and Battery. Time: 7 pm on Wednesdays

  • Free Wifi
  • Talked to the owner, and he’s down with the idea. A group from Real Networks already does something like this on a different day
  • Free pool and shuffleboard upstairs
  • Seating is arranged well for this kind of thing
  • I saw a few power outlets
  • Usual pub fare and happy hour deals
  • Starbucks next door if you prefer going to Starbucks?


Who’s Allowed to Post to Belltown is, and has always been, intended as a community forum where people who live in Belltown are writing about the things that they care about. Anyone can post a story on this site. And we hope that you will!

To Post something: Click on “Post” located at the top right of the toolbar and on the drop down menu you can choose what type of thing you would like to post, whether it is a story, community event, business review, etc. **BelltownPeople editors will choose which of the stories/events posted will be featured, so that we can preserve the integrity of the site and avoid blasting everyone with ads or stories on what someone ate for breakfast. You will also be asked to create a profile on the site before you can post a story. 

We also hope that through using this site, belltown people will be communicating with one another, sharing and getting more involved in the community that we enjoy here, and feeling more of a sense of investment in the neighborhood and the people that live here.

We, at, have a deep heart for creating community through building relationships and friendships in our neighborhood. That is why we do monthly happy hours to introduce neighbors and that is why we are starting a writer’s club. We would love to invite you to be a part of the community behind this blog by joining our Writers Club (the best club in Belltown ;) ) We will meet at Bedlam once per month to start out with.  We hope you consider this for two reasons.

1.We need your help writing stories. We would love to hear your ideas, what you care about and want to write about/read about. You don’t need to be an expert writer, we are not a professional blog, we are a bunch of knucklehead neighbors caring about our neighborhood.

2. We would love to get people together in the same room monthly  that have a heart/desire for community in this neighborhood…to join forces to make this place a better place to live.  

Email if you are interested in joining our writer’s club and we’ll send you details about our first meeting location and time. You only need to know how to write a paragraph and have a heart to be a part of this community. 

We hope that you’ll use this site and post stories about the things that you care about! We hope to see you at our next BelltownPeople Happy Hour. And we hope you’ll consider joining our writer’s club. 


Jesse and Trina at


Dope Burger Comes to Belltown

The Noodle Ranch was my first experience with Belltown. I had just moved to Seattle and was working at the WaMu center when a buddy recommened I give it a shot for lunch. I remember loving the neighborhood based upon my first experiences. A couple years ago there was also an old soccer supplies store that has since long found another home.

I’m sad to see Noodle Ranch disappear, but am happy the owners have found something new to keep the spot alive. Their burgers look grotesquely amazing. I can’t wait to try them.

From ThrillistSeattle

Reinventing a family business is usually the best way to keep things fresh, though good luck convincing executive producers Brandy and Ray J that they should fire Brandy and Ray J. Reinventing her family’s biz without the help of amateur video, the chef behind Dope Burger.Opened by a Spring Hill vet in the former Noodle Ranch space (where she’d been running the show for her parents), this narrow whimsically named 50-seater boasts a primary color-trimmed eat space up front, a full bar and take out window in back, and is walled with giant, cartoon-ish depictions of the beef-based tastiness found on a menu dominated by hand-formed burgers made with “twice ground chuck”

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